Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 released.

Microsoft have released a nice set of goodies for us developers to play with.  Visual Studio 2008 (Orcas) Beta 2 is out.  seems that this release is a full install not a Virtual package like other releases so be warned.  you’ll also want to be sure you have enough bandwidth for this one as it’s a 3Gig download for the image.  VS2008 Express editions are also available for download.

Along with VS2008 is the .Net Framework 3.5 which aims to improve and build on Framework 3.0 which was a minor increase to include the WPF stuff.

Silverlight has two releases out, theres the RC for 1.0 and a refresh of 1.1.

ASP.Net Futures has also had a release that included support for VS2008 and Silverlight.

Plenty to play with there.

These releases are a good step towards final release and Microsoft are starting to include something called go Live licensing with these versions, aparently this means you can deploy to working environments and upgrade to the final release and full licence without needing to start from scratch.  handy if you want to get cracking on the cutting edge.

Brad Abrams has a load more detail on his latest blog entry on this.

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