Firefox – tool of choice for paractically everything?

Aside from being a damn fine browser Firefox is fast becoming a tool of choice for practically everything web related.

This week I’ve found two more plug-ins that have already increased my Firefox usage by 20% at least.

First up is ScribeFire.  ScribeFire is a blogging tool that I am really quite impressed with.  It sits out of the way unobtrusively in the status bar until you want it, then clicking on it’s icon will cause it to slide up and occupy the bottom of the browser window.

Hooking up to my blog was real easy.  I fired up the wizard, input the address to the blog (just the standard address you’d browse to) and it picked up the correct path to the settings I then input my User name and Password and bingo all connected.  ScribeFire has picked up all my categories, and I can add new categories on the fly.
I can view and modify old posts, view pages and if I have more than one blog, I can add them and switch to them quick and easy.
Response is really quick and the blog editor is WYSIWYG too which is a boost.
ScribeFire doesn’t seem to be able to pick up your blog’s style sheet so posts can be previewed in the style they’ll appear in, this is a feature it could maybe do with but I’m being picky and to be honest, I’ve never worried much about that in any other blog tool.

I’m using WordPress for my blog and as I don’t have any other blogs I’m not sure how the setup will perform but I’d be pretty confident that it will work just fine.

My other find, thanks to my pal Binky, is a cool addin that syncs up your bookmarks.  I know that there are a ton of other sites and tools that do this but this is an addin to Firefox and that just makes things so much easier.
Foxmarks is  again a doddle to set up, just install from the firefox addins page.  After restarting Firefox you’ll need to set up an account and then sync your bookmarks.  That’s it you are done.  I set this up on both my laptop running feisty and my desktop on windows 2003 all bookmarks synced up in seconds.  Nothing could be easier, all my management is done within Firefox itself so I don’t need to maintain another online account or remember to log in or… yada yada yada it’s all so much easier.

no doubt I’ll get a thrashing from folks telling me that they already have an online account with some site or other that does this and it has shiny buttons n all that but hey it’s whatever floats your boat, and Firefox is still floating mine ;0)

Now I’m on the hunt for a decent IM addin…

Powered by ScribeFire.


One Response to “Firefox – tool of choice for paractically everything?”

  1. This seems like a really neat tool. I love firefox and will not use anything else for daily web surfing. As I am becoming more and more a regular blogger, I am finding that a tool like this would become rather useful.


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