Compiz Fusion – making it fun to work on a computer.

With the recent release of Vista, you’d be forgiven (almost) for assuming that you need a windows desktop to get a good looking operating system to work on.

I’ve been running Ubuntu for a few weeks now and apart from being impressed with the speed and stability of the OS, When I added Compiz Fusion to the mix things went to a whole new level.  Productivity increased and I got a whole new feelgood factor.

It’s not enough for me to just rant on about how cool it is, you’ll have to see it in action for yourself.

i’ve managed to track down a decent video of Compiz fusion in action, this video shows off some of the main features of Compiz Fusion and is by no means a comprehensive showcase of the features.  it’s being improved and updated very often and there’s always some new features being added.

Compiz Fusion
Uploaded by blesso

If you have Ubuntu and want to add Compiz fusion into your desktop check out some of my posts in the past couple of weeks or pop over to lummie’s blog to get hold of a tutorial link

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