Linux – Continuing the odyssey

Continuing with my trip into the world of Linux, I decided yesterday that I would check out a different distribution to the two i’ve already experienced.  So Far I have tried out Ubuntu Feisty and Fedora 7 and have been impressed with them both.  I’ve managed to get them installed pain free and have had a pretty good experience with them both.

This time I’ve chosen to push myself a bit and have gone with Sabayon Linux.  the version I chose to go with is 3.4e which is an alpha version of the next release.  I fully expected to have a few issues with it being an alpha but bit the bullet none the less.

My initial impression after loading the live CD (a version that runs off the CD for you to try before installing proper), was one of sheer amazement.  As you know I have an HP Pavilion DV5000 series Laptop with an ATI Radeon Xpress 200m Graphics card installed.  Experienced Linux users who are into their gui bling will also know of the pain many people have trying to get CompizFusion running in their distro.  I hope you’ll be as surprised, impressed and in awe of the Sabayon folks as i was when I tell you that Compiz fusion ran off the Live CD!  Full 3D spinning cube bling off the CD!

Well I was impressed and couldn’t wait to get going so I hit the install Icon and off I went.  The usual helpful install app awaits you giving you a simple step by step install process.

You get a choice of either GNOME or KDE for your desktop and this is where I saw my first bug.  I chose GNOME at first as I’d used that before but the very next screen seemed to show that KDE was going to be installed.  There’s also a bug on the partition manager screen that you’ll want to take great care with.  After setting up your partitions and marking which ones you want to format go through the list carefully before you continue.  The theme used is a bit funky and there are black ticks in the format column by each partition that’s going to be formatted.  This is OK except that the background is also black :0)
To be safe, just key through the list using the arrow keys, you can see the columns clearly as each is highlighted.

Once installed you get a decent theme and the desktop runs great.  3D bling didn’t appear for me though and I couldn’t find a way to get it running so I re-installed with KDE.  I figure I might as well try the other desktop type too.
The KDE desktop had full bling from the off for me.  No need to change any settings at all, it just worked.  Also amazingly, my wireless card worked too, just typed in my network password and bingo it was all running.

There’s a huge array of apps installed by default and you get a choice of some cool games too if you are into that sort of thing.  I’m still getting used to KDE and finding my way round Sabayon but so far I am most impressed indeed.

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