Incredible new image resizing technology unveiled.

As an amature photographer working in the digital realm right up to print; I am painfully aware of how awkward it is to resize some images without introducing artifacts, or cropping and losing a feature you thought might just make the picture work better.

I’m also a web developer and I know that image size is a crucial element for web pages too – Especially when you want your website to scale.

In todays world where almost every device we own has the capability to browse the web, page scalability is crucial.  Usually scaling your site means degrading it slowly until eventually the smallest device gets a text only rendering.  there are various methods to achieve this using some Javascript and a steady supply of different sized images.  Imagine a world where this kind of degradation wasn’t necessary because the picture scaled too without losing detail or becoming mis-shapen.

I found this post on Ajaxian today.  Watch the video, it really is pretty impressive.  Content aware image resizing… and Adobe just hired the co-creator, I’m already saving up for CS4 :0D

with some very smart application this could be one of the next big things to hit the web.

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