Adobe go nuclear

There’s a pun in here somewhere and I’m making a poor effort at finding it.

Adobe have recently shown off their next RIA killer app at Adobe MAX.  Thermo (you see what I did there?), is an app that actually dues allow a designer to design a wire frame app image in Photoshop and hand it to a developer to convert to a real app in minutes.

I have been in jobs where I have had to mock up a UI in Photoshop and make tweaks and changes to get the initial look right.  But then when it comes to replicating that look in a web app there is a ton of work ahead.  you have no choice but to start from scratch, maybe re-using parts of the Photoshop image you mocked up, but it is a pain in the ass.

Thermo drops the bomb on all that pain (you see what i did there?) allowing a designer to design a wire frame in Photoshop using best practice, then open the resulting PSD in Thermo and have the flex code generated for you.  It’s a simple matter to convert pictures of text boxes into text boxes, pictures of scrollbars into scrollbars, maintaining the EXACT look you had in Photoshop.

Ajaxian have a post that contains one of the first video’s to come out of MAX of the demo.  Watch it it really is cool.

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