Enable Compiz Fusion on Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy

I mentioned this briefly in my post yesterday but since today is release day for Gutsy I figured it would serve the community well If I make a specific post for it.

Gutsy comes with Compiz-Fusion (CF) enabled by default, this allows you to have some pretty nice effects on your desktop – putting Vista to shame in my book as you don’t need to break the bank to upgrade your vid card in most cases.

I run full bling on my HP DV5157eu Laptop that has a ATI Radeon Mobility 200M video chip in it – not the best by a long shot but able to handle everything Compiz-Fusion (CF) throws at it.

Anyhow down to business.

I have verified CF on Gutsy in two different scenarios:

Upgrade from Feisty where CF was already running
In this scenario it looked at first as if things had gone wrong but they had not.  CF installed fine but needed a couple of adjustments.
First open synaptic package manager and search for compiz.  Scroll through the results until you find the compiz config settings manager and remove it.

Now you have done that you need to repeat the process but this time install it.
I know this sounds stupid but trust me it is necessary, the re-installed version integrates with the new Gnome Appearance manager the old one wouldn’t load at all for me.

Now all that is left for you to do is change all the settings back to where you had them before as they have all been set to defaults (this is why you may have thought things had gone wrong.

Scenario 2 is:

Clean install of Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy
In this scenario things may need a bit more tweaking.  After the install completed and the system rebooted the restricted drivers will not be enabled, as these are not Open Source there is good reason not to enable these as you may not actually want them.  For my card, these drivers are necessary Your Mileage may vary on this point.

I enabled the restricted driver for ATI and rebooted.

Initial test of Compiz Fusion raised an error and I traced this down to missing xgl. To correct this I ran $ sudo apt-get install xserver-xgl in a terminal session.  Then Log out and back in but be sure to select the plain Gnome session.
Next Open the appearances dialog and select the visual effects tab, from here select the custom option that should now be there.  After that go ahead and click the preferences button and the compiz config settings manager should load and you can bling up to your hearts content.

hopefully this info will be useful.

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