Aptana – New Studio version released

Aptana is growing up fast and today see’s the release of the new Aptana Studio.

I’ve been lucky enough to have beta tested Aptana Studio over the past couple of weeks and I think the team have done a great job packaging Aptana into a smarter stronger IDE.

Aptana Studio comes in two flavours, a community (free) edition and a Pro ($99 intro price) edition.

As the Aptana crew state in their blog:

Some of the new features we’ve added to Aptana Studio 1.0 Community Edition:

  •     * CSS Preview
  •     * HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Formatting
  •     * Code drag and drop
  •     * Visual ScriptDoc Explorer
  •     * Enhanced Dynamic Help System
  •     * Tons of User Interface Polish

Some of the extra features we’ve added to Aptana Studio 1.0 Professional:

  •     * JSON Editor
  •     * Internet Explorer Debugging
  •     * Remote Project Creation
  •     * FTPS and SFTP Support
  •     * Reporting Engine

The Pro edition will also give users priority support and access to the latest nightly and pre-release updates to all Aptana features.

Aptana has grown to be my favourite web development IDE and if you develop Javascript, you can’t afford to pass it by.  Any bugs or issues are usually responded to very quickly by the dev team so Aptana is set to make a mark and keep moving forward.  There’s hints that there is more to come from the Aptana dev team too so watch this space.

Aptana is available for Mac, Windows and Linux and as an Eclipse plugin.  Download it here!

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