Netbeans 6 RC1 available.

Netbeans 6 is getting closer to full release, RC1 is available to download from today.
I like NetBeans 6, as a ruby development IDE it is quite simply amazing and though I am an Aptana advocate even I have to admit that NetBeans does it better.

Code completion is second to none and the features included are making NetBeans the IDE of choice for many people and I’m fast becoming one of them.  I still like Aptana’s Javascript CSS and HTML handling so won’t be giving it up just yet but for Ruby, Rails and Java, NetBeans 6 is my tool of choice.

NetBeans 6 is not NetBeans 5 with some new bits and bug fixes, this is a whole new development and it shows.

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3 Responses to “Netbeans 6 RC1 available.”

  1. I’ve also historically been a fan of Eclipse/Radrails/Aptana, but have made the jump recently to NetBeans–but for me the lure was mainly rspec support, particularly having handy shortcuts to jump between a spec and whatever it’s testing, and autotest. I posted up a brief tutorial at

  2. hey bruz, that’s a nice article thanks for posting.

  3. […] shows that it is over 90% of the way there.  i expect the full release soon.  As I mentioned previously this is an amazing […]

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