Enable compiz fusion on Linux Mint Daryna KDE Community Edition

I recently managed to break my Ubunto installation, totally my fault for trying to get KDE running beside my Gnome setup.  Since I couldn’t back out all the stuff I did properly I decided a clean install was my best option, with Linux this is nowhere near as painful as with Windows especially if you have a separate /home partition :0)

So I installed and tried out a couple of different distro’s from the gaggle of new releases that have been pushed out to the community in the past month or so.  There are some very nice distro’s out there and I think this is going to be very good news for the Linux community as we are defenitely going to see some new people coming over to the Linux world and this in turn will spur more innovation and enhancement in the future distributions.

I have settled on Linux Mint KDE community edition after my week of trials, this is mainly due to my familiarity with Ubuntu’s excellent package management and simplicity of getting all the 3D goodness going ;0)

There’s a few things you need to do in order to get this version of Mint running the 3D stuff.

  • Install the Restricted driver manager – in Konsole type sudo apt-get install restricted-manager
  • When complete run it from the console by typing restricted-manager and then when the manager appears, install the relevant drivers.
  • Reboot if you installed the video Drivers
  • after this you will need the xserver-xgl component sudo apt-get install xserver-xgl
  • Another reboot
  • after logging in I used alt-F2 to get the run dialog up and ran compiz –replace
  • You may need to tweak the settings in Settings>Advanced Desktop Effects Settings off the system menu to get all the compiz goodness you need.

These instructions worked for me, your mileage may vary of course, if you find you need to do anything different please post your Spec and details of what you had to do as a comment to help others.

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