For the Duke.

Some days are good, some bad and others are just plain shitty.

Yesterday was one of the shitty ones.  I had to say goodbye to my dog Duke for the last time :0(
I had a really frustrating day at work and then when I got home I found that Duke had collapsed and was struggling to move, my wife Sue had to get help to bring him in off the street where he collapsed so of course she’s quite upset.  We managed to get him to the vet but his heart was giving out and it was really the only option available, no sense trying to make him hang on.

We got Duke just over 13 years ago when we both lived in Hungary.  I always wanted a German Shepherd and one day as we went down to the local market, we saw a guy who was selling some pups.  We wanted a male dog rather than a bitch so we sorted through the whole box and found Duke at the bottom of the pile the only male there fast asleap.
he had a close call with parvo during the first year, but he pulled through and became a sort of mascot amongst all the kids we worked with.
He loved to play with them and they loved to come round just to see him, he was bigger than most of the kids by the time he was 1.
he had such a lovely temperament and could move so fast, he liked chasing the rabbits in the fields and the occasional squirrel without ever having actually catching one, he never tired of chasing them though :0)

Duke had been unwell for a good couple of weeks, and had to be on a special diet & steroids for the past few of years due to a skin problem he contracted, so we kind of expected and tried to prepare ourselves for this moment, but after over 13 years of loyalty from a dog who was second to none and lived up to his name perfectly, it’s hard saying goodbye to the Duke.

I don’t know what happens to animals when they die, everyone has their own beliefs and customs, I’ll be content to think he might be off making mischief chasing rabbits somewhere :0)

So, not my usual post but this is what blogs are all about, a window into my life.  Friday November 30th 2007 was my shittiest day since my baby sister died three years ago.

For Duke
04/08/94 – 30/11/07
No better friend than he.

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