NetBeans 6 goes live

NetBeans 6 has finally reached the full release version and is available for download today.

I’ve said before that NetBeans 6 is an important release for the NetBeans team and I believe it is one of (if not the) best IDE’s available for Java, Ruby and Ruby on Rails amongst others like the upcoming JavaFX.

Reasons why I like NetBeans 6:

  • The UI is polished and extremely useable.
  • The plugin interface is much better than the one in Eclipse.
  • Getting the latest version is a very simple excercise and there are not 50 different versions to have to decide from. (try looking for the WTP edition of Eclipse for example).
  • It has a much better way of managing application settings – more like a normal app not one set per workspace.
  • The files you work on are much easier to organise.
  • Java, JavaFX, Ruby and Ruby on Rails apps can be developed in this IDE out of the box and the IDE does a very very impressive job of making your life easy.
  • The IDE is really customizable and the settings menu is easy to navigate.

As you may have guessed I have been using Eclipse and I have found NetBeans so much better.  There’s a handy plugin that will convert Eclipse apps over to netbeans – just in case you are worried about switching ;0)

Picture taken from NetBeans anouncement Email

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3 Responses to “NetBeans 6 goes live”

  1. This release of Netbeans is definitely a must use for desktop Java since it has built-in support for two promising JSRs: Bean Bindings and Swing Application Framework. When it comes to web development I prefer Eclipse since it provides better support for Seam and Facelets.

  2. have you figured out how to add extjs auto completion into netbeans 6?

  3. Hi bendawg,
    I haven’t tried as yet I must admit.
    I have still been using Aptana for Javascript development especially because of the nice integration of common libraries such as EXT, and Prototype.
    It will be a good test though so I’ll try and give it a go today and will report back my results.

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