Kicking Virgin Media in the ass

Y’know sometimes I get supremely angry over the lack of service given out by some companies.  Virgin Media is currently tugging my goat and I’ve just about had enough.  If it wasn’t for the cost I would incurr by moving to someone else I would have kicked Virgin in the ass by now.

My BB speed at peak times is awesomely crap (from 4meg down to 1/8th of that EVERY evening), and then to top it all I just paid £75 for them to install V+.  What did I get for my money? The guy took 4 cables out of the old box, put them into the new box, made a phone call to get the service turned on then when the person on the other end told him that there was a delay he left me instructions as to what I do next and then left.  To top it off I had to spend 30 minutes on the phone to customer services yesterday because the damn on demand services don’t work.  So a botched install most of which I was left to do myself (nothing that could affect the actual service) and all to the tune of £75, luckily that was 50% of the original cost.

So I’m bugging them for a refund and I’m still bugging them to sort out the Broadband.

If you have VirginMedia Broadband perhaps you’d be interested in signing the petition to urge the government to investigate these shameful practices that are tantamount to theft in my book.

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