Now that’s what I call a revolution

I never really liked the term Web 2.0 mainly because the revolutionary web 2.0 has been all repackaging of old technologies, never ending JavaScript Libraries all diong a slightly different thing to the last big thing and shiny glass graphics with reflections… Until Now!

As you know, I’m a fan of Aptana for Javascript development, I’ve moved to netbeans for Ruby and Java development but Aptana is still leagues ahead of everything else for Javascript based web development. Well the guy’s at Aptana have just released what could be considered the killer application of 2008 and I think the revolution is about to begin.

I introduce you to Jaxer Jaxer is the worlds first true Ajax server and quite simply it is amazing.  As a good friend said to me yesterday, ‘this, my friend, is the future’.

I want to give you loads of detail here but to be honest it would only be a case of re-inventing the wheel, so go on over to the Jaxer web site and check it out.

What!  you’re still reading this… get lost already! ;0)

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