More TF2 updates on the way.

I get more convinced every day that Valve Software and the Steam Network are the best value for money a gamer can get.
There are some new updates coming soon for TeamFortress2 including new achievements to aim for and a cool new map with a new game type.  Goldrush introduces a new challenge.  the blu team must escort a mining cart through the map, the more blu players around the cart the faster it will move, if a red player gets near the cart the cart stops.  this is going to be a cool new addition to TF2 and I’m looking forward to playing this map I can tell you.  Frantic battles galore:0)

Normally I play on the [Q] clan’s servers as these are superb servers and if you donate, you get a reserved slot and immunity to the balancing that moves you from team to team during the game.  £10 for a three month subscription is superb value and they update their custom maps regular.  There’s also great comradeship on these servers, not to mention [Q]’s own set of stats that you can now view off their website.

A friend introduced me to some cool custom maps on the Wireplay servers: TF2 <11> You Gotta Be Kidding
variety of control point maps

There are some awesome maps in that set inclusing one crazy ass map that has you fighting the other team as well as dodging some giant boulders that roll around constantly.  it’s nuts!

Enjoy your gaming and hope to see some of you onthe servers soon eh?


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