Get a free book…

I thought this was a scam when i first read about it, but it turns out to be completely genuine. Rather than paying through the nose for the self titles SEO ‘experts’ books you can get the PDF version of confidential SEO secrets by Allen Harkleroad.

I’m never one to turn away from freebies – yup I’m one of those guy’s that goes to shows and conventions hoping to get a free branded rubics cube or cool pen etc… :0) You just never know what might turn up and it makes my office a neat place to be :0D So I downloaded this and it looks good i have to say. You can make a donation to the author if you want or go get the Amazon reader version for less than $10.

I don’t get enything from passing on this info except the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from helping others. if you do happen to notice a guy at a convention with a bag of goodies looking for a neat pen or something, just be sure to tell me where the best stuff is ;0P

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