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Is this the end of games as we know ’em?

Posted in Gaming, General Blah! on January 25, 2008 by Shaun

Valve have, in my book at least, redefined the landscape as far as game distribution is concerned.  Whatever your gripe may be with Steam as a platform, you still have to admit the catalogue of games available and the fact they are constantly updated, without the need to go sign up on some download site to get a patch, well in my book this is pretty good and the pricing of the games on there is freaking awesome (to us brits thanks to the exchange rate anyhow).  Many of the top labels still sell for around the same price as you could buy on the net and get a DVD/CD but the convenience factor of never having to insert a disc to play and always knowing the game is up to date when I do play is awesome and increases the value.

Well maybe EA are about to change things again.  Battlefield heroes is the next chapter in the Battlefield series and this one has a twist – it’s free!  i shit you not, they are actually giving the damn thing away.  All is not quite as rosey as the old tinted glasses may fool you into thinking though, this ain’t ‘free as in beer’ or ‘free as in speach’ my friend, this is ‘free as in ad supported’. (I claim that phrase as mine unless someone got there first  ;0P  ).

Ads have been popping up in a lot of games recently so this isn’t exactly new, but giving the game away and making it entirely ad supported, well i guess we may be about to sell our souls to the devil or something huh?

I wonder though, have you actually paid any attention to ads in games?  I suppose someone might but you’d be pretty bloody stupid stopping to read a billboard while hot lead is pouring around you right?

i suppose you should never turn your nose up at anything free and the game sounds interesting, especially because it’s looking a lot like TF2 :0)

The press release starts with:

Unique Cartoon Shooter Introduces a New Way to Play Battlefield

Well unique in that it looks like TF2, but I suppose the whole ‘its free’ thing counts.  Aparently you can customise your character and build them up, and there will be new content added all the time to keep the game fresh, i guess there is still room there to have us purchase content and I wonder if we’ll be seeing the old CounterStrike buy your weapons gig coming along so vets can blat the noobs all over again from a mile away with their super duper mega sniper?

Ah I bitch too much but I’m still looking forward to sucking up all my bandwidth downloading ads.

TF2 still rocks though!

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Lego Star Wars II Rocks!

Posted in Gaming on December 16, 2006 by Shaun

Call me a big kid, but I absolutely love Lego Star Wars II.  I really enjoyed the first Lego Star Wars game and still love dipping in to try and unlock the secrets, but with the follow up Lucasarts have surpassed themselves.

LSWII has all the features of the first game, the fantastic humor and in game movies that tell you the whole story without a single spoken word.  The awesome characters and scenery that are right out of the Lego box and incredible ease of play.

Kids will love both games and it’s easy for an adult or big bro/sis to drop in lend a hand and drop out again all at the press of a single key.

LSWII takes you through the original three movies, by far the best story lines, where LSWI took you through Episodes I II and III.

There are several enhancements to this game over the first, one that I think is pretty cool is that any character, except droids, can build items in the game.  You’ll see as you go through the game that some Lego pieces in a pile will be hopping about, move up to these and hit the build key and the character will speedily build you something out of Lego.  Kids will love guessing what it is as they see it building up exactly as it would if you had the very Lego pieces in front of you.  Some parts of the game require you to build up complex machines that you can then hop into and operate.  I’ll not go into detail as it really would spoil the game.

there are secrets galore that will unlock different parts of the game.  the replay value of the Lego Star Wars genre of games is unequalled in the world of gaming as far as I am concerned.

I picked up my copy for £14.99 at Virgin, have it on for that too.  You can get it on PC, PS2, PSP, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, GameBoy Advance, Xbox and GameCube.  So that’s pretty much all bases covered then 😉


Posted in Gaming on December 16, 2006 by Shaun

I never used to be a big fan of rts gaming, favouring the first person shooters. I still do prefer the first person shooters but after Dawn of War and the follow on Winter Assault I have to say I’m getting hooked. I recently got hold of Dark Crusade and recently the collectors edition of Mark of Chaos landed on my desk. Having played the role play and board games from the Warhammer genre as a kid, these games gain an advantage in the fight for my affections ;0)

For Mark of Chaos, expect to pply a little by way of tactics.  Storming the gates of a city all out will cost you a lot by way of troops and you’ll find future missions pretty tough when there’s just you and a horse against 500 seasoned Orks.  There’s no resource management required here, but you do need to ensure you assign your heroe’s experience points wisely and you can do this during battle phases as you win skirmishes and your experience increases.  You’ll also want to make sure to upgrade the armour and weapons of your troops, things will obviously go well for you if they are all on the best kit. (hint hint Mr Blair).

Dark Crusade for me represents risk on steroids.  Those of you that are seasoned rts players will know the format well.  you can skirmish so you get used to how the different factions operate and find the strengths/weaknesses.  you also get to play on different maps and terrains so it shouldn’t get too boring.  The main game phase consists of attacking adjoining territories on a global view map.  when you attack or are attacked the game moves into the battle phase which is pretty much like the Dawn of war games we know and love, you start with the need to build up resources, get your soldiers up and then go kill some [insert bad guy here].
One of the things I love about  Dark Crusade is that you don’t need any of the previous Dawn of War games to play it, but if you do then you can unlock extra races and extend the game, I think this is an awesome feature.

All in all it’s great fun and if you are into the Warhammer genre, you’ll love them all.