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Balancing the view.

Posted in Java, Software Development, Web Development on December 13, 2007 by Shaun

While I like Netbeans 6 and personally I am really happy with it having moved from Eclipse, there is, as always, a flip side to every coin so in the interests of balancing things, this post on the Java tutorials weblog is asking for votes to bring back the Beans Module that is missing from Netbeans 6.

There are some interesting comments made as people place their vote and I’d say the vote is overwhelming and we should be seeing the bean module in the upcoming update to NB6.

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NetBeans 6 goes live

Posted in Java, Rails, Software Development, Web Development on December 5, 2007 by Shaun

NetBeans 6 has finally reached the full release version and is available for download today.

I’ve said before that NetBeans 6 is an important release for the NetBeans team and I believe it is one of (if not the) best IDE’s available for Java, Ruby and Ruby on Rails amongst others like the upcoming JavaFX.

Reasons why I like NetBeans 6:

  • The UI is polished and extremely useable.
  • The plugin interface is much better than the one in Eclipse.
  • Getting the latest version is a very simple excercise and there are not 50 different versions to have to decide from. (try looking for the WTP edition of Eclipse for example).
  • It has a much better way of managing application settings – more like a normal app not one set per workspace.
  • The files you work on are much easier to organise.
  • Java, JavaFX, Ruby and Ruby on Rails apps can be developed in this IDE out of the box and the IDE does a very very impressive job of making your life easy.
  • The IDE is really customizable and the settings menu is easy to navigate.

As you may have guessed I have been using Eclipse and I have found NetBeans so much better.  There’s a handy plugin that will convert Eclipse apps over to netbeans – just in case you are worried about switching ;0)

Picture taken from NetBeans anouncement Email

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Netbeans 6 RC1 available.

Posted in Java, Rails, Web Development on November 15, 2007 by Shaun

Netbeans 6 is getting closer to full release, RC1 is available to download from today.
I like NetBeans 6, as a ruby development IDE it is quite simply amazing and though I am an Aptana advocate even I have to admit that NetBeans does it better.

Code completion is second to none and the features included are making NetBeans the IDE of choice for many people and I’m fast becoming one of them.  I still like Aptana’s Javascript CSS and HTML handling so won’t be giving it up just yet but for Ruby, Rails and Java, NetBeans 6 is my tool of choice.

NetBeans 6 is not NetBeans 5 with some new bits and bug fixes, this is a whole new development and it shows.

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Java administration tips for Ubuntu

Posted in Java on August 30, 2007 by Shaun

If you are an Ubuntu user and you use Java you would benefit from some cool tips I’ve found while browsing the Ubuntu forums of late.

By default Ubuntu comes with a version of Java (jgc) that isn’t Sun’s.  This isn’t a problem unless you are perhaps developing Java applications, in that case you might want to install the Sun JDK.  This is done easily via the package manager, just search for sun jdk ad pick your version.

Unfortunately despite installing Sun’s jdk the Java system may not be fully utilising it.

java -version in a terminal session will show you the current version in use, and this should be the one you installed from the package manager.

Now try sudo update-alternatives –config java in the terminal.
This should produce a list of installed Java versions and there will be a * by the default one in use.  Pick the number that corresponds to the version you want to use (or accept the current default and that will now become the default Java version for Ubuntu.

This can be handy if you want to check your app in different versions of Java or develop to a specific version, or even switch to a different version to troubleshoot environment issues you suspect are Java related.

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