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Enable compiz fusion on Linux Mint Daryna KDE Community Edition

Posted in Linux on November 30, 2007 by Shaun

I recently managed to break my Ubunto installation, totally my fault for trying to get KDE running beside my Gnome setup.  Since I couldn’t back out all the stuff I did properly I decided a clean install was my best option, with Linux this is nowhere near as painful as with Windows especially if you have a separate /home partition :0)

So I installed and tried out a couple of different distro’s from the gaggle of new releases that have been pushed out to the community in the past month or so.  There are some very nice distro’s out there and I think this is going to be very good news for the Linux community as we are defenitely going to see some new people coming over to the Linux world and this in turn will spur more innovation and enhancement in the future distributions.

I have settled on Linux Mint KDE community edition after my week of trials, this is mainly due to my familiarity with Ubuntu’s excellent package management and simplicity of getting all the 3D goodness going ;0)

There’s a few things you need to do in order to get this version of Mint running the 3D stuff.

  • Install the Restricted driver manager – in Konsole type sudo apt-get install restricted-manager
  • When complete run it from the console by typing restricted-manager and then when the manager appears, install the relevant drivers.
  • Reboot if you installed the video Drivers
  • after this you will need the xserver-xgl component sudo apt-get install xserver-xgl
  • Another reboot
  • after logging in I used alt-F2 to get the run dialog up and ran compiz –replace
  • You may need to tweak the settings in Settings>Advanced Desktop Effects Settings off the system menu to get all the compiz goodness you need.

These instructions worked for me, your mileage may vary of course, if you find you need to do anything different please post your Spec and details of what you had to do as a comment to help others.

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Enable Compiz Fusion on Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy

Posted in Linux on October 18, 2007 by Shaun

I mentioned this briefly in my post yesterday but since today is release day for Gutsy I figured it would serve the community well If I make a specific post for it.

Gutsy comes with Compiz-Fusion (CF) enabled by default, this allows you to have some pretty nice effects on your desktop – putting Vista to shame in my book as you don’t need to break the bank to upgrade your vid card in most cases.

I run full bling on my HP DV5157eu Laptop that has a ATI Radeon Mobility 200M video chip in it – not the best by a long shot but able to handle everything Compiz-Fusion (CF) throws at it.

Anyhow down to business.

I have verified CF on Gutsy in two different scenarios:

Upgrade from Feisty where CF was already running
In this scenario it looked at first as if things had gone wrong but they had not.  CF installed fine but needed a couple of adjustments.
First open synaptic package manager and search for compiz.  Scroll through the results until you find the compiz config settings manager and remove it.

Now you have done that you need to repeat the process but this time install it.
I know this sounds stupid but trust me it is necessary, the re-installed version integrates with the new Gnome Appearance manager the old one wouldn’t load at all for me.

Now all that is left for you to do is change all the settings back to where you had them before as they have all been set to defaults (this is why you may have thought things had gone wrong.

Scenario 2 is:

Clean install of Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy
In this scenario things may need a bit more tweaking.  After the install completed and the system rebooted the restricted drivers will not be enabled, as these are not Open Source there is good reason not to enable these as you may not actually want them.  For my card, these drivers are necessary Your Mileage may vary on this point.

I enabled the restricted driver for ATI and rebooted.

Initial test of Compiz Fusion raised an error and I traced this down to missing xgl. To correct this I ran $ sudo apt-get install xserver-xgl in a terminal session.  Then Log out and back in but be sure to select the plain Gnome session.
Next Open the appearances dialog and select the visual effects tab, from here select the custom option that should now be there.  After that go ahead and click the preferences button and the compiz config settings manager should load and you can bling up to your hearts content.

hopefully this info will be useful.

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Upgrading to Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy

Posted in Linux on October 17, 2007 by Shaun

This week I went through a process of upgrading to Gutsy, the new release of Ubuntu that is due for final release tomorrow.  I was previously running on feisty so I used the update manager to update my installation.  I believe from tomorrow Feisty users will see a new update button on the update manager dialog that wil enable them to upgrade.  I updated to the beta version, I’m deliberately not going to say how I did it here because we are so close to release.

Suffice to say that the update went really smooth.

All I needed to do after the update completed (a process taking about 1.5 hours-ish).  was re-install nero, VMWare Workstation and the compiz-fusion settings manager.

All my 3D bling worked a treat, though it was all set to defaults so i had to go into the ‘Advanced Desktop Effects Settings’ manager which looks unsurprisingly exactly the same as the compiz-fusion config settings manager.  everything else just worked for me.

I did decide, however, to do a completely clean install using the Release Candidate CD after I managed to fudge up my networking.
I had planned a fresh install anyhow when gutsy came out, mainly because I had converted my laptop to a completely Linux based machine and not bothered to re-jig the partitions.

Install off the RC CD was smooth as expected, partition management was the same as under feisty.

Once completed, I didn’t have any 3D bling though despite it being turned on by default.  I traced this down simply to the restricted driver not being turned on for my ATI card.  I enabled the restricted driver and re-booted, then all I needed was to install the xgl server using: $ sudo apt-get install xserver-xgl log out then back in ensuring you log into the standard Gnome session, then you can go into the appearance settings, turn on cus bestom appearance and adjust the settings to suit you.

Both the upgrade and the clean install processes worked really well for me and i have to say the Ubuntu crew over at canonical have done an awesome job.

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Silverlight goes wild…

Posted in Linux, Software Development, Web Development on September 6, 2007 by Shaun

Microsoft have announced the release of Silverlight 1.0 today.  There’s also an announcement regarding Silverlight for Linux.  Known as Moonlight, this is a port of Silverlight to the Linux platform via a partnership with Novel and from the same stable as the Mono development project that brings .Net development to the Linux platform.

Head over to Scott Guthrie’s blog for more details.

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Ubuntu Compiz fusion

Posted in Linux on August 22, 2007 by Shaun

There’s been a few links around to help get compiz fusion running on ubuntu, this one gets you to the simplest set of instructions I’ve seen so far.

These worked a treat for me.

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Linux – Continuing the odyssey

Posted in Linux on August 9, 2007 by Shaun

Continuing with my trip into the world of Linux, I decided yesterday that I would check out a different distribution to the two i’ve already experienced.  So Far I have tried out Ubuntu Feisty and Fedora 7 and have been impressed with them both.  I’ve managed to get them installed pain free and have had a pretty good experience with them both.

This time I’ve chosen to push myself a bit and have gone with Sabayon Linux.  the version I chose to go with is 3.4e which is an alpha version of the next release.  I fully expected to have a few issues with it being an alpha but bit the bullet none the less.

My initial impression after loading the live CD (a version that runs off the CD for you to try before installing proper), was one of sheer amazement.  As you know I have an HP Pavilion DV5000 series Laptop with an ATI Radeon Xpress 200m Graphics card installed.  Experienced Linux users who are into their gui bling will also know of the pain many people have trying to get CompizFusion running in their distro.  I hope you’ll be as surprised, impressed and in awe of the Sabayon folks as i was when I tell you that Compiz fusion ran off the Live CD!  Full 3D spinning cube bling off the CD!

Well I was impressed and couldn’t wait to get going so I hit the install Icon and off I went.  The usual helpful install app awaits you giving you a simple step by step install process.

You get a choice of either GNOME or KDE for your desktop and this is where I saw my first bug.  I chose GNOME at first as I’d used that before but the very next screen seemed to show that KDE was going to be installed.  There’s also a bug on the partition manager screen that you’ll want to take great care with.  After setting up your partitions and marking which ones you want to format go through the list carefully before you continue.  The theme used is a bit funky and there are black ticks in the format column by each partition that’s going to be formatted.  This is OK except that the background is also black :0)
To be safe, just key through the list using the arrow keys, you can see the columns clearly as each is highlighted.

Once installed you get a decent theme and the desktop runs great.  3D bling didn’t appear for me though and I couldn’t find a way to get it running so I re-installed with KDE.  I figure I might as well try the other desktop type too.
The KDE desktop had full bling from the off for me.  No need to change any settings at all, it just worked.  Also amazingly, my wireless card worked too, just typed in my network password and bingo it was all running.

There’s a huge array of apps installed by default and you get a choice of some cool games too if you are into that sort of thing.  I’m still getting used to KDE and finding my way round Sabayon but so far I am most impressed indeed.

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Vista’s bling… not quite there.

Posted in General Blah!, Linux on August 4, 2007 by Shaun

Continuing my chain of posts showing off the flashy bling of Ubuntu with Compiz Fusion. here’s a nice vid that shows Vista’s bling going head to head with ubuntu.

It’s worth noting that ubuntu is running Beryl in this video.  Beryl and Compiz were separate projects for a while but are coming together again to form Compiz Fusion.  A damn good move which we’ll all benefit from.

It’s also worth noting that I’m not doing a ‘my OS is bigger than your OS’ kinda thing, I just thought this vid was interesting, given some of the marketing over how cool Vista looks.  A nice touch at the end when you get to see the Demo curse strike Microsoft from wayyyyy back ;0)

Vista vs Ubuntu, le choc…
Uploaded by blesso

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