General Gameplay Tips

I’m going to put a bunch of tips on this page from time to time as I learn new things in hopes that it helps others get more out of the game.

It’s called TEAMfortress for a reason…

The key to winning in this game is teamwork, if you try and fulfill your own agenda you’ll end up spreat all over the map like some lumpy jam of some kind.
To play your part in the team dynamic, and it really does not matter how ‘skilled’ you are as a player, there are some small things you can do.

  • Communicate – The ‘V’ button is set by default to enable voice communication, while it is held down you can speak to the rest of your team. Many players use this to call out key issues during the game ‘Spy in the Sewer near our base’ or ‘they just put a turret up next to their docs’. Don’t mistake this as cheating because it’s all part of the gameplay.
  • 20 Heavies doesn’t make a win – Too many people playing as the same class isn’t always a good idea, it can make the game very one sided, especially if you pick a slow moving class and the other team has more fast moving classes running around the map.
    Also be ready to spawn in as something different as the game goes on, the ebb and flow of war in the TeamFortress is what makes the game a real winner, you’ll need to adapt at various points in the game to overcome obstacles and tip the balance into your teams favour.
    Use the ‘TAB’ key to bring up the scoresheet which also shows you the current classes playing on your team, armed with this information you’ll know if ew really do need another engineer or if a medic is more useful. You also get an indication of how many players are in a certain class when you use the ‘,’ key to change your class.
  • Sacrifice is often the only option – There are moments during some games where everything gets bunched up and neither side is making any ground. Sometimes it’s up to one person to throw caution to the wind and cause a diversion of some sort. It won’t allways be favourable to your stats, but if you are smart about it you may get to take a few of the other team with you when you go.

Attack is often the best form of defense

I’ve been in many games where few people push forward when the gameplay allows for it. This is one of those games where, given the opportunity, you should push for the objective and push hard. Waiting for the action to come to you can be a pretty disasterous move.
Of course if the other team are all knocking on your door at once you’ll have to make a stand and hope you can defend long enough for the tide to change. Kill enough of the other team at once and you’ll have room to push back and gain some ground while they are making their way from the spawn point.


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