The Spy

The Spy is one of the more complicates characters in TeamFortress 2. It’s easy to get a damn good slapping as the spy as it’s a hard class to master.

I’ve been struggling to think of the best way to lay out a guide for the Spy on this page so I think it’s going to end up being tweaked from time to time to improve it.

The spy has the ability to disguise himself as any one of the other teams players. This works really well when it’s used right, and can be a real bummer if you run into the person you are disguised as.

Use disguises wisely to get you through the enemy lines, but be aware that if you get hit by a stray bullet or even a deliberate shot you’ll lose the disguise, in these situations you are nearly always going home in a box.

Disguises can get you past gun turrets as long as the disguise holds, in these situations get your zappers ready and clear the way for your team mates by zapping the sentry but be quick as any nearby enemy will be all over you like a rash and… you’ll be going home in a box.  Also communicate with your team so they know you are about to wipe out a turret, it will likely help get some firepower in there to finish the job.

Be smart on choosing your disguise, if the other team has only one demoman you’ll be doing yourself no favors at all disguising as a demoman as you risk being rumbled very quickly and… you’ll be going home in a box.  The disguise adopts the name of the person you are disguising yourself as which is why you may have bumped into yourself at somepoint during a game.


This is one of the reasons most people choose the spy. Be warned though that this is not the free ride it may, at first, appear to be.
The spy is able to cloak himself for short periods, the cloak is very much like the cloak the Predator has in the films, it reflects light. With this in mind there are a few rules you should follow.

  • Keep movement down to a minimum – the more you move around the easier you are to spot.
  • Never run directly at the enemy if they are facing you – you are not THAT invisible.
  • Equip the knife – The gun will not fire while you are cloaked and you’ll be heading for the box if you try shooting someone in a hurry. Also be sure to stab from behind for the instant kill.
  • Invisible is not the same as invulnerable – don’t try running through the middle of a firefight that’s just stupid.

Used smartly invisibility can be a very neat weapon though.

Use it to sneak up on people and stab them in the back with your knife. Note: I said back; you can take someone out with a single strike from behind but you’ll just attempt to poke them to death if you try a frontal assault, and I’m pretty sure they’ll realise quite quickly that somethings up then it’s the express elevator to the box for you my friend.

Use it to sneak up on turrets and zap them with the electro zapper, this is a good tactic when dealing with engineers as killing the engineer first will only encourage the turret to introduce you to its cargo of fast moving lead, and again we are back to the box.


This is a tool the spy uses to send turrets and other items built by engineers all the way to the scrap heap.  With this enabled walk up to the potential scrap metal and an outline should appear, hit fire (left mouse by default) and this will place your zapper on the device in question.  An alarm will sound and you’ll probably hear the engineer say something like ‘spy zapping my sentry’.  There will also be a lot of sparks.  This all serves as a pretty good way of attracting as much attention as possible, much like a huge neon sign saying ‘Box —>’ so be prepared to make like a shepherd and ‘get the flock out of there’.

Other weapons

The spy is equiped with a knife, which we’ve already mentioned above so I won’t recover that ground.  There’s also a revolver which can make a nice mess of someones melon if you sneak up behind them and go for the headshot, otherwise to get the most out of this weapon point it at a key part of your intended target and squeeze the trigger, remember to keep your eyes open so you know where your shots are going.


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